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Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce is a network of local business people who come together to further business interests in the borough.

The present Chamber was formed from the three previous Chambers of Wandsworth, Battersea and Balham & Tooting when the boroughs were merged in 1965. It has been working to promote business in the expanded borough, the largest in Inner London. The Committee is principally made up of local businessmen and representatives from The Borough Council and local institutions.

We are part of London's Local Chambers of Commerce Forum, which has been set up to bring chambers across London in closer communication and also to share ideas and aspirations. Our long term ideal would be to have chamber members visiting other chamber events and meeting more businesses as a result, at a pan London membership rate.

Wandsworth was once the heart of industrial activity with mills along the banks of the River Wandle. The Borough has one of the country’s oldest brewing sites at the Ram Brewery site and a hubbub of factories used to line the banks of the Thames. With the decline of manufacturing, the borough has been transformed into a hive of small businesses, serving not just the residents of its rapidly growing population but providing services to other local businesses, the City and West End, and much further afield. With over 13,000 VAT payers in the Borough, it has one of the largest communities of small businesses of any equivalent area in the country.

Such businesses cannot just thrive on the entrepreneurialship of their owners but by mutual self-help. This is where the Chamber can help. You can read a summary of our Aims but also see our Business Advice section and Promotional Opportunities to help your business grow.

Give yourself a Helping Hand and Join the Chamber NOW and take part in its events and activities.