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Take One Young Person

Can you help ‘Take One’ young person?


Our Take One campaign asks you to do your bit by supporting a young person. You can do this in a number of ways – by providing a work opportunity - a paid job through an Apprenticeship, an Internship or short term work experience, or by mentoring a young person to help them get on in their chosen path.

If every business in Wandsworth were able to help just one young person it would really make a difference to our local young people to prepare and gain some skills and knowledge needed for their career pathway.


We are asking employers to step up and support young people in their transition to work.

For many young people getting onto the employment ladder is proving increasingly competitive. Despite being enthusiastic and talented the opportunity to get onto the employment ladder is challenging.

Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce is joining forces with South Thames College, the Wandsworth Ambitions Careers Initiative and Merton Chamber of Commerce to set a challenge for Wandsworth businesses to ‘Take One’ young person – to provide work experience, an Internship, a Traineeship, an Apprenticeship, support a volunteer placement or through mentoring a young person.


New recommendations from London Ambitions require all young people to have 100 hours contact with employers as part of Careers Education and Guidance during their time at school/college.  This means the business community in London are asked to help young people kick start their careers and to have a better understanding of the work environment.


Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.


Contact: Nathaniel Beckett

Telephone: 020 8918 7272