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The Wandsworth Loyalty Card

Calling All Local Independant Retailers and High Street Businesses


One of the Chamber’s aims is to grow the loyal local shopping community in Wandsworth, promoting and encouraging local businesses through the Wandsworth Loyalty Card, A card that is personalized to individual businesses, a card that can be used across the borough to build local loyalty. We want residents and visitors to think local, act local, shop local and keep the money local. Why? ….simply because together, your customers will stay loyal and benefit and Wandsworth’s businesses will be so much stronger, sustaining growth and creating jobs.



  • Engage with your current customer?

  • Win new loyal customers who give you repeat business? 

  • Win back lost customers?

  • Generate guaranteed extra income?



  • Your customer’s behavior

  • Who your customers are

  • When they use your products or services

  • How often use your products or services?

  • How much they spend with you

  • Lost customers who don't now use you

  • Which customers brings in the MOST revenue in the last 30 day?

  • Your TOP customers by revenue in the last 60 days?





Analysis tools allows you to find your customers by name, gender, location, age or date of birth. See, understand and influence their shopping habits.


Customer Satisfaction

The in-built Customer Satisfaction Survey allows your business to get customer feedback and use this information to give them more of what they like, to get them excited enough to return and recommend your business to friends and family.



The in-built newsletter allows you to maximize on special deals and promotions, especially during quiet times – giving you full control to make informed decisions and take immediate action.


National and Local coverage

Your business will be positioned alongside national brands giving  credibility but know that only local businesses can hand out their bespoke Loyalty Cards.


 Shop Local

Joining the Wandsworth Local Loyalty programme will connect you to consumers in the borough and from much further afield. Remember, our aim is to get customer to think local, act local, shop local and keep the money local.

We are looking for great local independent businesses in each of the Town Centres, starting with:


  • Wandsworth

  • Earlsfield

  • Tooting

  • Putney

  • Battersea

  • Clapham Junction

  • Balham


If your business is not in one of these town centres contact us now and find out how you can develop loyal customers at an early stage.


More Information

If you are interested in finding out more or want to become part of this exciting new loyalty programme,Email: to see how this exciting partnership can help your business or telephone 020 3287 7887

To start this programme we are particularly looking for Restaurants, Bars, sports clubs, cafes and all Retailers. If your business is on the High Street and customer facing, this is your opportunity to get involved and gain an advantage by being amongst the 'first adopters' in the borough.