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Wandsworth Inc. A new digital magazine for Wandsworth

A digital magazine specifically
for businesses in Wandsworth

Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce, are launching wandsworth inc – an online, interactive magazine that we hope will become a must-read for all Wandsworth businesses and their customers.
This will be the first of its kind for a Chamber of Commerce – another first for Wandsworth – and every sponsor taking part can be seen to be embracing the digital revolution!

Working with our Partners, Creative Merchants. who are based in Wandsworth and have a team that has been involved in publishing award-winning magazines for over twenty years. They know what readers like and the right tone-of-voice to get them excited, interested and responsive.

One of the great features of digital magazines is the interactivity, always a big hit with readers. These are not gimmicky add-ons – with our highly flexible platform we can include video and audio content, image galleries, pop-up boxes of additional, background content or surveys, competitions, special offers, whatever...

What's more, we can track exactly how many have read your page, for how long and how many have then clicked through to your website. All relevant data will be made available to you if required.

For more detailed information download in pdf format or visit the website:
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Gary Kimberley or Bruce Black

The Creative Merchants
Studio 123

Filament Walk

London SW18 4GQ

+44 (0)20 3735 7977

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