You will not find a more economical way to promote your business!

Networking at Events

You can attend Chamber events at the membership rate and meet like-minded businesses. At some you will be given the opportunity to give a brief talk about your business. Some events are for members only, particularly those where you may have the chance to meet VIP’s.









Advertise on the Chamber website

You can advertise your products or services on the Chamber website. 





Use the Chamber logo

Add to your prestige by using the Chamber logo on your promotional literature, website or premises.



An advertorial feature about your business can be included in the News section of the website. This is one of the best promotional avenues.


Join at a premium rate

You may advertise your commitment to the Chamber by joining at a premium rate and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits the inclusive offers. ...... more


Offer discount benefits to other members

Offer discounts to other Chamber members and have them promoted on the website

For further details contact the Chamber at