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12th Mar 2019

How To Get Media Coverage For Your Business On A Budget

A valuable seminar from PR expert Jessica Huie as part of Wandsworth Enterprise Month


‘How To Get Media Coverage For Your Business On A Budget’ was an information-packed event from PR expert Jessica Huie MBE, who has done PR from everyone, from A-list stars like Samuel L. Jackson to startup one-person food specialists.

This took place at South Thames College: the lecture theatre was packed with a wide range of businesses, including a Yoga system, various coaches, several artists from Wimbledon Studios and even a specialist in pest control.

Jessica did some “case studies” - for example how she built up lone facialist Su Man Hsu, who had only one notable client: Juliet Binoche, and worked from a shed in her garden, into “facialist to the stars” who now commands high fees (and is flown to exotic locations to do her mug massage magic) and works from suites in five star hotels.

The other case study was of a woman who cooked Indian cuisine. Jessica looked for a “hook” which was not about the food, but how her blends of spices created good health and got her features in papers like the Daily Mail, which led to a book deal – she is now writing her third.

She also talked about how you need to create partnerships with other compatible businesses to have greater reach and accessibility with customers than you can on your own. Jessica gave the example of her own Colour Blind Cards project, which created multicultural greetings cards which appeal to all races: she attempted to partner with Disney but only got a response from Disney UK, who sent her merchandise which she then used as giveaways in a magazine featuring her cards.

She finished the session with a discussion of press releases, media, and social media and how to apply each of those to promote your business.


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