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18th Dec 2018

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

What upcoming technologies will blossom in the New Year?


Using multiple channels for promoting goods and services via digital means: from ads on google and facebook, through more exotic methods like Voice Search and Personalisation, SMEs will have to use every method to keep in front of customers in the New Year.

Let's look at a few upcoming trends:

Voice Search

Google and Amazon have brought voice search devices, or digital assistants – e.g. Alexa to millions, which enable customers to search and order products by speaking aloud. Gartner predicts that 30 per cent of all web-browsing sessions will be made by voice-activated searches by 2020. This needs to be factored in to your marketing plan.

Personalisation is Getting More Advanced

Companies are now generating targetted content based on what social media users have read or clicked on in the past. Instead of one campaign they might generate many smaller spots or social media postings.

Facebook is already watching brands to see what products the audience enthuses about or likes. This shapes production, for example, if many buyer of bottled water prefer a particular flavour, blackcurrant, say, instead of orange, this gets fed back to the manufacturer and theychange their production mix in favour of the former.

Social Media

Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram Stories, as well as Twitter’s promoted Pins, will continue to work favourably as they don’t disrupt audiences when browsing and remain relevant. Ad Blocking technology is prevalent, and so more brands are going to created engaging content, rather than the traditional advert formats such as pop-up banners, sidebars, and videos and shift towards native advertising techniques that do not disrupt the user experience


Mobile apps will take more of a backseat in favour of chatbots in 2019. Chatbots are better suited to mobile purchasing as they bring the point of sale to the customer’s screen, whereas mobile apps direct customers to products, creating a longer journey and therefore reducing the likelihood of a conversion.

There is already a shift towards chatbots for simple everyday e-commerce transactions such as ordering a pizza or a taxi and this will only increase.

Visual recognition

Three billion images are added daily to the internet – a huge number. This growth is only going to continue, according to Abe Smith, President of EMIA of marketing platform Cision, because partly images are global and transcend language, and also due to tech advances. Now interaction with images can be tracked by technology – perhaps an unsettling thought. As a result, companies can be much more precise in their targeting and generate more returns.

That's a look at some of the trends for digital marketing in 2019.


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