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21st Nov 2018

Not everyone is dreaming of a White Christmas

In October 2017, Lifetimes launched two homeless projects, Woman 2 Woman & Men Matter 2 that we would like your help with. Our aim is to end period poverty for women and men experiencing homelessness

Woman 2 Woman is a project that aims to end period poverty for women currently effected by homelessness in the local area by providing a care pack, containing wipes, deodorant, socks, knickers, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste and a tooth brush to those in need. We believe that these items will allow homeless women to regain some freedom and restore some dignity, basic rights we often take for granted.

Men Matter 2 was born as a result of the high demand for these packs and the fact that there are more men currently experiencing homelessness than women. These packs contain similar items but the tampons/pads are replaced by a razor.




So far we have provided 173 women and 429 men across South London with care packs that have been extremely well received. We have worked with organisations such as Glass Doors, Western Lodge, Spires, The Robes Project, Merton Faith in Action and Street Pastors.

Please join our campaign to keep the conversation going by following @LifetimesNews or go to our Facebook @W2WMM2 and help us raise awareness that not everyone is dreaming of a wite Christmas.

For more information and to donate CLICK HERE