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29th Jun 2018

Pollinator Paths - Wildlife Gardening in Wandsworth

This year, starting in Wandsworth, people will be transforming their balconies, gardens, and public spaces into beautiful havens for pollinators


Most of our cities are paved-over, or surrounded by concrete. This makes the job of pollinating insects very difficult and results in the loss of species, both animal and plant. By creating “Pollinator Paths” people will be helping to give these wonderful creatures a way to get around town between flowers and green strips.

This project increases the availability of forage and habitat for pollinators through engaging local citizens in gardening activities. The project fosters community cohesion and works to establish a better connection between locals and nature.

Are you a group in Wandsworth? The Pollinator Plants group have funding available for you to help distribute kits. Do you live in Wandsworth? Get your free planting kit and subscribe to their blog.

Please contact Abshir Weli 02072349402

Download the Pollinator Paths Toolkit to use in your own community:

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