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15th Dec 2017

Foodie Fun at the MetroBank

Wandsworth Party to launch new food vendors


Wandsworth Foodies had a party in a bank this week. Of course it had to be the Metrobank Clapham Junction, they seem pretty cool about people eating and drinking there, although upon entry, I was mistaken for someone who wanted to open an account. No, I'm just here for the cakes mate.

Organised by Wandsworth Foodies it was well-attended, with yummy edibles, wine and soft drinks. There was a whole raft of developing food vendors. Some were at a later stage than others but they were aiming to get feedback from potential customers, so there were plenty of savouries, sweet things, and sauces to try out.

Soraya Lavery, co-organiser, said, “A big thank you to our food traders who did an amazing job. The variety and quality of food was incredible. They worked tirelessly all evening and provided the food free of charge.”


Martin Birnhak, of Lavender Hill Bakery, with his amazing Biscuits, Macaroons & Chocolates

Natasha Pencil This is Taino: sweet and fiery Caribbean Preserves

Sarah Durber Banana Karma scrumptious Banana Jelly Snacks

Elena Gracia subtly flavoured Olive Oils from Spain

Jesus Cahue

Jesus Cahue delicious Spanish Sandwiches

Csenge Lantos

Csenge Lantos really lovely Oat/Porridge Snacks/bars

Myriam Gufflet

Myriam Gufflet Ltd French Catering / Macaroons which tasted wonderful

Dawn Burton

Caribburton Caribbean Food lovely and spicy!

Angella Williams

Plant based Chocolate pieces / Caribbean Catering amazing Vegan chocolate

All the food providers had wonderful, intriguing products, which clearly will find a market if they are give enough support and profile marketing.

The event was organised by Helen Roberts and Soraya Lavery of Wandsworth Foodies/Digitech, and supported by Metro Bank, Councillor Kim Caddy and Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce.

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Author: This article was written by Julian Jackson, Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce's resident blogger and copywriter -